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Dominican Republic

Theme by PS3Worldz

This is a theme about the Dominican Republic. It contains 1 HD and SD background (with Lance Vance from Vice City), custom icons and custom sounds (sounds and icons of AndapeΒ΄s “Red&Black v3 + Sounds” theme).


19 thoughts on “Dominican Republic

  1. Lol! Calm down, guys! It seems to me there’s already too hype for this theme… πŸ˜›
    You know, usually the hype kills a long-awaited game, so… it could also happen to my theme! XD

  2. Well, just hope you’ll like it.
    As I said to Doom, it started as “totally old school theme”, but because of the backgrounds (which are inevitably taken from the modern game) I had to change direction. So, let’s say the theme’s a mix… πŸ˜‰

  3. Yeah I’m still waiting for your MK theme. I’ll be sick of the game by the time you release yours, LOL.

  4. Hey Man… You’re doing a good job here… Nice to know the DR is represented here… Thanks… When you have a chance change that dude… I rather you put a girl or Luis Perez from The Ballard of Gay Tony… But other than that… Is All Good… Que Viva La Republica Dominicana… Quisqueya La Bella…

  5. Uhm… not everyone knows that simple things are always the best.

    Anyway, I think you don’t have to worry about the little time available: if someone really wants a theme from you, then he can wait for a while. Think that I worked on MK theme for over a month, and I’m still working on it… πŸ˜›

  6. @Tetsu86

    ok, I respect your opinion, but could you say me at least why?
    I know I use the same icons over and over again. I could make my own icons, but I have no time for that (school, many theme requests every day etc.).
    And I also know that my themes are a bit minimalistic, but that is one of my themes most important criteria, because I (and many other people) donΒ΄t like it when 500000 other things are on the background πŸ˜€

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