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This is a theme about Australia. It contains 1 HD and SD background, custom icons and custom sounds (sounds and icons of “Andape´s Red&Black v3 + Sounds“ theme).
Download Here


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ok… but you have to wait 🙂


I wrote a post here requesting the Philippines……I don’t know why it’s not on here. Someone must of erased it……Anyway, sir Ps3Worldz. How about adding an Asian country? The Philippines?


haha 😀

Germans and their language problems 😀 😀

Yes, you´re right… I don´t understand why I wrote it this way instead of yours 😀

He’s just a guy who loves making other guys happy- No homo, LOL!!

You could have said others or other people happy & it wouldn’t have seemed so gay. Or maybe it was a Freudian slip? o_O


No problem, bro!
Well, the gravatar is related to your email address, so that it can “follow” you in every site: that’s the only way to get a profile icon here, I’m afraid… but, why you don’t want to register? After that, you’re not forced to get back there for any reason.

Uh, I worked on a MK theme for over a month :P… but I uploaded it just yesterday.
Yogosan’s working on a couple of themes, too: I’m sure he will upload them soon.


Hmm… I don’t want register me on gravatar only for a profile icon but thx for your answer.
Another question why you dont make more themes anymore (And Yogosan too) ?


Sure, mate!

You just need to go to “” site and follow the instructions.
Once you’ve done, after a while your icon will be visible… 😉



I have a question…. can u tell me how I can change my profile icon on this site ?



I still don’t get it, it’s been the same theme with a different background atleast 10 times now and everyone cries for more?

Yeah, maybe, but… you know, I think you’ve already answered yourself: aside the icons, every theme is for a specific country and has a different girl…


Do you know why? Because many people like their countries and want a theme… if possible very fast.
Question: Why would I create (or use) other Icons or sounds for every theme if people still like them or want a theme which is “similar to the XYZ country one”?

I would also like to do some other themes, but I get tons of requests (not only here, even on youtube) and I want to work on most of them.


Correction* 13 times for the red icon version, 6 for the blue icons.

19 of the same theme man.


I still don’t get it, it’s been the same theme with a different background atleast 10 times now and everyone cries for more?


can u PLZ make a the of Albania


Legend? No, I´m not a legend… I´m just a guy who likes to make other guys happy (OMG, this sounds so fucking gay :D)

sorry, but I can´t tell you my psn id, because i´m pretty sure that my list of friend requests would explode^^

I hope you understand that, it´s not meant evil (I don´t know to say that in accurat English :D).

Aussie Hammer

U RULE PS3WORLDZ ! What is ur PSN id i will add u cause ur a legend


could you please read the first comment? but you have luck, it*s planed already 🙂


Could you please make a theme for El Salvador.


If you have any theme request than please wait 2-3 weeks. I have too many requests already…