Theme by OPTIMUS

A quick theme I made few days ago, just to keep me trained… ๐Ÿ˜›

-3 HD/SD backgrounds
-Hand made icons
-No sounds

Download Here

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The Cult Of Personality

+1 this is frigin awesome man! I love the aura uhhh…. belis? I dont have the slitist clue how to spell that. Well this theme is amazing! I love the arua beluis. Sick dude!


i like this theme alot! one of the most beautiful things about the world. amazing. natures light show. +1


Great theme as usual and I know it’s expensive for medical treatment as I found out a couple of years ago when I needed physiotherapy, I was going to have to wait 7 months for it or go private which was ยฃ300 a session so I had to go with the latter for 6 sessions which comes to a total of ยฃ1800.



==> Alright, I’m glad you are managing to get by mate! and yea, I guess it would be hard to get money through a donation site, if you don’t have a credit card etc. And your welcome, I’m always glad to help a friend out in anyway I can ๐Ÿ™‚


@Truth_Wanted & mrj QQQ => Truth_Wanted: Oh man, don’t say that… You’re not a dick! No problem, mate! And I really thank you! But don’t worry about that… it’s never been my habit to ask for money, since I always tried to solve my problems by myself: I managed to handle it so far and that’s what I’ll keep doing, in one way or another. (Also, from the day I lost my job, I no longer have neither a bank account, nor a credit card… so it would be quite hard for me getting money that way) Again, thanks a… Read more »

mrj QQQ


I don’t make dynamic thems either hehehe

mrj QQQ

it always seemed ascam to me. That’s why I bid ya just to see.All friedly here….just bought Dragonborn,Heavy man.


@ OPTIMUS: I totally understand! no, no ,no save your money you really need it. I shouldn’t have asked you.. i kinda forgot about your health issues etc.. if anything I would help you with donations! I am keeping you in my prayers!!! I feel like a total dick asking you for money, and I know you’d give money to me if you were’nt in that situation. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me man, the hell with my ps3 funds. I wish you the best man, I really do. and don’t worry about me & my problems. If… Read more »


@danscloud9, Truth_Wanted & AUDIODEVIANT => danscloud9: Thanks, mate! ๐Ÿ˜€ => AUDIODEVIANT: Ooh maaan… I’d always liked to see the Northern Lights and lots of other things around the world, but I never had the chance ๐Ÿ™ => Truth_Wanted: Man I’m so sorry! Believe me when I say that I’d REALLY like to help you someway, but I really can’t at the moment… You know, from the day I lost my job, I had to live off the money I had saved during my past career as a race driver. Then, about 1 year ago or so, I started having serious… Read more »

mrj qqq

@ danscloud9

I appreciate the kudos on my skyrim theme. I haven’t given much thought to a new one. I’m currently working on QQQGRIM_2.0 I might consider doing a new skyrim one now that I have been asked.


, hay buddy how is things atm , rolled out the old aurora borealis ,top stuff a friend of mine and his wife have just booked a trip to the yukon ,to see the aurora borealis/nothern lights in action this year, it would be crazy, to watch !! talk soon


Great theme! Guess I’ll replace Tech-Black for a while!

@ mrj QQQ
Your Skyrim themes are awesome! Any plans for a new one, maybe to celebrate the PS3 release of the DLC?

mrj qqq

There is no more claiming credit for it …..I have to let it go. ICONS are ICONS,Imitaion is the finest form of flatery. I just have to get into the custom is all. No One would even dare then …even though security icon was build by yours truley. Ya gotta see this Jensen Ackles 1.0 complete ripp off of QQQ_3D in icon placement. IT”S cool just wait for my ACDC…..1-7 days and all .


If you can just donate to here and it will go onto my credit card to get me one step closer to getting a new ps3. if not, it’s fine. like i say it’s better to ask than not ask at all


Hey Optimus, could you please help me out with just 10 $? I need to raise some money so I can get a new ps3. or any amount you’d like what you say? I hate asking,but I really need a new one cuz I honestly don’t like working night shifts for extra cash lol


@mrj qqq & Truth_Wanted

=> mrj qqq: Oh… got it! LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€
Uh, really? I didn’t notice that! O.o
Man, that’s bad… I liked that theme, and I think you should claim credit…

=> Truth_Wanted: ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€




mrj qqq

Oops I should have been clearer . A few too many last night…….I had QQQ_3D ripped off with no nod to me, and so I am going to let that go. Your stuff is always original.


@Serina Harper, Truth_Wanted & mrj qqq

=> Serina Harper: LOOOL! You’re absolutely right! I didn’t notice I put under “Misc” instead of Nature… shame on me! ๐Ÿ˜›
As for making a dynamic version: well, I don’t make dynamic themes… but maybe some of my friends here could modify this one and make a dynamic version for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

=> Truth_Wanted: Thanks bro! ๐Ÿ˜€

=> mrj qqq: Thanks, mate!
Ehm… imitation? O_o

mrj qqq

Guess I have to let it go…..imitation is the fairest form of flattery and all .

This isn’t bad ………..really good colour selection and all .


This is one damn fine theme!!! +!


great idea Optimus but next time it should be in Nature it is Nature after all IL Aurora Borealis i hope you make a dynamic theme of this