Theme by mrj QQQ

This upgrade to last years theme is meant as a replacement. There are new backgrounds 8 in all , both in SD and HD just incase you still haven’t upgraded your TV yet. All icons are complete , some have changed. Pointer work now done too.

My gift to all ……Enjoy
Download Here
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mrj qqq

what about the ppl of the Sudan?


Happy Christmas and thanks for updating the theme +1

I just had to make a dynamic version of this here you go man http://www.mediafire.com/?r3v4kgi9ixpycfr 😀

mrj qqq

Ever get a Toy that didn’t work? Mine do thus far.

Pretty is important too and a Happy Christmas.

mrj qqq

Always nice to hear from a fan of one’s work. I always wonder if one day for no apparent reason I might find myself in a strangers home and they happen to be using one of my themes, would mean all the countless hours spent fussing to get everything just right pay off so to speak. Your welcome Shane S , I too am currently using this theme. It’s like setting up the tree for me switching to this theme. Merry Christmas to you and your kin.


I had the old one on until I got this one. Been waiting for another. Thanx & Happy Holidays. Shane S.