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hw do u get it 4 ps3 thts wt i want


i hzve an xbox theme for my psp, wanted the same for my ps3

Mr. Anonymous


[PNOY] stryker_x7


I’m pretty sure the PS3 has all of that already; but good for MS, they got their minds headed towards the right direction.

On the other hand, nice theme 🙂



hey the new xbox 360 slim is great it can play hd movies and has black with a chrome finish oh and hs built in wifi so wireless internet and there talking about making xbox live free!


fu#$!k xshi#”!t 360! ps3 forever….


why??? lame???? stupid???? this theme is cool. its just a theme. wonder why some guys are putting so much effort in making emulators if this theme is lame. its great work buddy. hope to see a xbox360 emulator on the ps3 soon


Awesome Theme!
I bought my Ps3 so I could watch BluRays & play the Occasional Exclusive to Ps3 Games. (just killzone 2 so far lol) & now everytime that I turn on my Ps3, your theme reminds me that this is just a BluRay player & my 36o is my Gaming Console.


lol some of the comments on this are sad. not the theme.

Srs comment here, nothing wrong with an Xbox theme on PS3, but in all honesty the theme is really bad. White text on light background doesn’t work well, theme creator didn’t think this one thru. The background itself is also pretty bad, just an Xbox console. The icons also have nothing to do with Xbox. I could make a better one.

Should have used the Xbox ripple logo, that could make a cool theme. Along with actual Xbox themed icons


STOP IT!!!! The console wars have got to end!! This guy wanted to put an xbox theme on a ps3 so what? I OWN BOTH AND THEY BOTH ARE THE BEST IN THERE OWN SPECIAL WAY!!


Dear god you would think you would be at his throat. Its just a theme for gods sake and yeah it is rather wierd that he made a xbox 360 theme but he did it for fun rate the theme not the fact that its based off of another console.


jajaja i won’t install that shit in my glorious ps3


This is just a waste. Was this suppose to be funny? Doubtful that anyone will even download this. I would say the same if I went on a Xbox theme site and saw a PS3 theme.It should be DELETED!!!


lol a 360 on my ps3


You are a strange little gimp! No two ways about it. Get yourself a life and make a theme with tits in it. YES that is what we need, not some lame picture of the contents of Bill Gates lower intestinal tract

mr x

sad (-_-‘)


Is this some kind of joke? hahaha thx for the skin reminds me of my xbox


wtf it’s PS3 and your putting a Xbox theme for it, your Dumb!!!!


the XBOX is shit! PS3 best console ever!