windows 8 on the ps3

Theme by Droopysp

15 HD wallpaper slideshow of how windows 8 would look like running on ur ps3…content for everyone…custom windows 8 icons and 360 sounds…ENJOY!!!
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thanx for all the downloads pp, really appreciate it

i got a great idea of wat imma do next with this thing


thanx for all the downloads pp, really appreciate it




well done sir this shit is fire!!!


thanx i luv this theme too, had this theme brewing in my mind for a minute


The icons are awesome and the sound effects are among the best I’ve heard for a theme. I did change the background and put one of my own, but mad props to you for this theme dude.

+1 from me.


OMG! I love this theme, really nicely done, I have windows 8 and it’s fine… this is a great job..

Love the theme, nice dynamic pic in the middle.. done really well… Awesome job 🙂


XD Lol ! oh man this Slideshow is mint, gotta admit this theme looks awesome especially it looks crisp on HD TV an very creative too.

Voted : +1


Yo Droop man, this is dope. Very creative and original. Periodic updates of this would be cool. Nice work +1


at ghoast there will b new editions with this format


This is absolutely brilliant! Originality in thought, and very creative. Nice to see that an actual effort was put into this theme. The only criticism that I would offer to this theme is that is too current, meaning that it will have a short shelf life and/or require updates. GREAT JOB!! +1


Yes, the Lord did. It’s not because the theme is bad but because it’s the thing I can’t say. It truly is terrible and should burn in hell.


??? im guessing the lord gave u the strength to give this -1

for all those are looking at this theme its a slideshow…please comment on likes and dislikes


Oh God almighty, cast down your wrath upon this theme, for it is the work of the Devil, Windows 8 rose from the fiery depths of hell and should be returned wear it belongs. Its name should and shall not be said by the mouths of us human beings, for it is not worthy for us, the Lord’s creation. I pray that it shall be removed from the Earth that I stand and that it teaches us human beings but most of all the demons we know as Microsoft to never create something that is not made to the utmost… Read more »