Unofficial Dead Space 2 Unknown RIG Theme

Theme by Bastart

This is a theme wich I wanted to be perfect!
as I loved the first Dead Space and i’m really looking forward to part deux! I’ve made this theme using a lot of website images from the official visceral website.

* Custom Icons made from scratch
* Custom HD Wallpapers (6 in total)
* Custom Plasma Menu bar and Screen.

Download Here

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The backround doesn’t appear. you think you can make the same one for an SD TV???????


great work
love this game, can’t wait for the second


Hey,does anyone have this theme’s wallpaper? I only have an SD tv,so,I cant apply this theme’s wallpaper.


Oh yeah….Theme Creator only lets you put HD backgrounds.


Awesome theme bastart!

Ghost Down

Nice, great job!


@VINCE-Yep, Pharaoh’s right.
I decompiled this theme and it contains only HD backgrounds, so… maybe you can see just the icons but not the backgrounds because you have a SD tv.
However (just to be sure) you could try to download one of my themes (yeah, I’m one of those who still make HD and SD backgrounds :D) and see if something changes.


It ain’t strange. If you don’t have a tv that supports hd then HD ONLY THEMES won’t display properly /at all. This is why some themers (?) put hd and sd versions of wallpapers in their themes. If this one has both as well then it is strange indeed. Back to the topic. I’m (patiently lol) waiting for this game too. Really hope they don’t mess it up by concentrating on the multiplayer experience. Bioshock 2 was, imho, a HUGE disappointment and the more I see of Assassins Creed brotherhood the more perturbed I get. Anyways Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚


Yeah people have complained about this for a lot of his themes, strange.

It works for me.


No when put on the theme the regular PS3 XMB Shows. By this I mean the waves


Well, backgrounds change every time you turn the PS3 on, or when you return to the XMB after playing a game and stuff like that, if that’s what you mean…


The icons change when I apply but background wallpaper doesnt..


@VINCE-You have to explain what’s wrong…


I toooootally agree! Good work, Bastart!


wow 5 stars!
keep updating this theme as the release date for DS2 gets closer


Doesnt work. Help???


Very niiiice.