Uncharted Dynamic Theme


This one is my second dynamic theme. It has 2 spinning paws. One with Katherine Marlowe the female enemy and the second one just a sandy solid one with glossy edges on both. It also has sand blowing and in the lower left hand corner it has Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception. Also comes with my icon set from my other Uncharted 3 theme. Please enjoy seeing this is my second theme. I’m learning through trial and error and this one took me all day to make.
Download Here

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hey maxthunder love the theme just wondered if you get some spare time could ya please do another uncharted 3 one ๐Ÿ™‚


amazing theme m8 cheers for taking time out ya day look forward to more from you ๐Ÿ™‚


Holla ! Nathan Drake like a Motherfcker!


can anyone please make a batman dynamic theme? please {‘ยฟ’} . U tank you


is your ps3 hacked and are you getting the themes you bought and putting here using awesome file manager? Please let me know cause im getting all psp avatars from it and making a website very soon


What you guys don’t realize is that these are just edits from other themes we don’t actually own the proper programs to make themes from scratch cause if we did we could but we don’t so don’t complain over free themes that we take time out of our day to make and mine isn’t supposed to be smoke it’s supposed to be blowing sand.


yeah we could do with better ones then just a lil bit of smoke


Can you guys do something else with the dynamic themes . everytime i download a theme. it either smoke going across the bottom of the screen or a spinning icon. guys come up with something new. i wanna see themes like the Afrika one from the JPN psn store.


Thanks this one is only my second Dynamic Theme and there will be a lot more to come I’ve already uploaded two more waiting to be hosted.


very good