Trophy Hunter [+Sounds]

Theme by PS3Worldz

I created this theme after getting my 25th Platinum-Trophy. It´s a theme for all people who like the trophies on PS3 🙂

Icons by zembor0
Sounds by Microsoft (Windows Vista Sounds)

If you are interested in my Platinum-Trophies you can watch this video:
Download Here

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should get the video on this site too, i’m sure the mods would be happy to have it on here

sorry for super late response, I sent them a video on how to make just a simple ps3 theme but i guess it was too long and they didn’t want to put it up ( it was 14 min long :o) But maybe they will put the 4.0 file one up, it should only be about 2 to 3 min


Don’t mention it, bro, it’s a pleasure! Unfortunately, there’s one thing that really bugs me: your theme has only 2 backgrounds because there are no good and suitable images (damn you, Kojima! :P)… So, I had to take the only really good one I found, and then I decided to create a second one by making a specific background, a Raiden’s render, some dedicated effects and other stuff (well, it took a long time for the icons because they’re made with about 10 layers each one, and I think it’ll take a little more time for the background)… But don’t… Read more »