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Touhou Project Bad Apple!! ~ S.S. Type Double Vision

Theme by Senya Saigyouji

I fixed the pointers, so whoever that actually uses the Internet Browser function in their PS3 can finally use the mouse.
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5 thoughts on “Touhou Project Bad Apple!! ~ S.S. Type Double Vision

  1. @TL;DR Name King Savage Elijah Odom

    With what? Making sure you didn’t stumbled upon this by mistake? I wonder if it’d be my best of interest (or time) to help based on your degrading Youtube content anyway. Waking the dead comment section is rude you know. That, and your atrocious spelling gives me eye cancer. Be grateful I even offered a response no matter how condescending it may sound.

    I’m going to assume the backgrounds are the problem here based on what little context I got from deciphering that cryptic comment of yours. I made sure the icons were visible with the backgrounds/borders around them despite the clashing black/white/black+white wallpapers, so it’s probably not my fault. The way I see it, there are three possibilities:
    A. It’s too dark in your room.
    B. You’re super colorblind.
    C. You’re using a standard definition TV and I only used high definition TV-only wallpapers, meaning they won’t show on SD TV’s.

    Hoped that helped. If it’s C, then you’re perfectly capable of resizing the wallpapers to 720×480 .JPEG in a theme builder in your own time, right? Either that or you can use your own backgrounds. Just set it using an external device with the file. You know that too, yeah?
    Good luck! And thanks for reading. You did, no? If so, then…

    P.S. I’m not apologizing.

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