Tomb Raider HD (11 Pics) v1.0

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This is my first theme and I can’t remember where I got the icons from, sorry to the original owner, if anyone knows where they came from leave a comment please so I can give credit in the future ? Thanks. Spent some time making the pictures as good as I could, removed all the unwanted watermarks too….hence my name : )
Tomb Raider was one of my favourite games long ago so naturally this was a good place to start with my first attempt, hope you like it.
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Hey delukze, yeah I’m a fan of the old original games, Tomb Raider 1 was a groundbreaking game in it’s day. Sadly the series lost it’s way over the years, Anniversary being the only new game that had a little of the feeling of the old games. I’m looking forward to the new game too, can’t wait to play it, it looks cool.


Looking forward to this game, although I didn’t play the previous ones.


Thanks for the welcome cannonfodder, nice one : )
Used to play Cannon Fodder years ago, was a cool game in it’s day.


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