The Saboteur

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

The Saboteur Theme
5 Backgrounds
5 Custom Sounds straight from the game
Full Custom Icon Set

Got the idea to make the icons tiny from OPTIMUS when using his recent Super Street Fighter IV Themes on my PS3, so THANKS for the inspiration, OPTIMUS!
Download Here

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Peter Griffin

My uncle made this game LOLZ cool theme


Amazing! My thinking and re-searching became true, thanks 2 u!

sssshut up

Great game, great theme.. Great.


lol, nice to know someone else knows the forum exists! it’s like my part time job over there.


Suppose I could the Airbender theme. I’m currently updating my old PlayStation One Medal of Honor 1 theme. I just crapped it out originally, and I’ve always regretted it. I’ve put A LOT more work into this redub and it shows already.

Think I’ll do Medal of Honor Underground afterwards…


great work f-rott

hey dude, was wondering if you were interested in making a theme for the movie LAST AIRBENDER. I grabbed a bunch of wallpapers from the official site. what’s your psn ID.


Just bought this game on the cheap so cheers for this Big D \m/


Don’t mention it, F-Rott!
Yep, I think it’s better to make small (but visible :P) icons to not cover the backgrounds: for example, in my Reflective Metal theme, the symbols inside the circles are 32×32 pixels and the icons of my Street Fighter IV theme have the same size (if I remember correctly… :P)

WHOOOOHOOOO!!! I loved that game! 5 stars!


Great theme… not so great game? haha 🙂


tis’ a bumper weekend for the theming community!