The Division

Theme by DemiGod7

So um, this is a static theme of the recently revealed game by Ubisoft called The Division.

Initially, when I saw it my jaw dropped. I could not believe the game looked so amazing. I think it’s about time we start making one of these themes….

Constructive criticism is welcome and much needed!
Download Here

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Glitch Dgp

thanks waiting 4 ages to find one could you please make one with with the complex world trailer if you can an place it in bottom corner




It’s awesome but can you make an icon for “Chat Room (Text Only) Thanks!!!


I could easily add an Animated WIndow for this theme at the bottom right of the screen…..but I think this is one of those themes that needs to be full screen with snow particles and wind and stuff. I am not there yet, but some of our members are.

What I did with this theme, is make thee icons as good as I good so that if someone decides to make a dynamic theme of it, do not bother with the icons….if they are good enough.


please Dynamic Theme