The “Darkside-rs” of DeathNinja666

Theme by OPTIMUS

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Hey, mate! Here is (finally :P) your theme!

Ok, that’s what I did:

BACKGROUNDS – I used those few images I found (the only ones that were quite suitable for a theme) to create 5 standard backgrounds. Plus, there’s an “extra background”, which is the one you can see in the preview image, that I specifically made for this theme (it took a while because I had to create a render from an artwork of the great Joe Madureira, and then I had to work on it twice for HD and SD…)
Also, I redesigned the game’s logo to make it similar to the icons (and again, it took a while because I obviously had to make everything with my own hands…)

ICONS – I decided to make the icons in a simple shape because much likely, with the effects I created to enrich them, they would merged with the backgrounds and everything would have been confused: this way, the icons are easily recognizable despite the three layers effects I created.
Also, I recreated War’s weapons for the main icons.

So, this theme contains:

6 HD/SD backgrounds (5 standard + 1 extra).
Handmade icons.
No boring sounds.

Well, it took a while, but I hope you’ll like it!
Download Here

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Great Theme.



Sweet theme awesome!

Hey, thanks a lot, my friend!
And glad to hear you again! 😀


Sweet theme awesome! 😀


btw, super awsome theme optimus!!