The Amazing Spider-Man Theme

Theme by MrBaconinator

The Amazing Spider-Man game theme.
*Icons used from “Smoke” and “SSD Ultimate Spiderman Theme”
*The user icon is a custom one off a icon sharing website

First Theme
Download Here

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Excellent theme I just recently found out about this site and thought I knew a little about the ps3 but the more I’ve been finding out I don’t think I know a damn thing like the commercial ad said it does everything


Haven’t seen the movie yet, but this is a perfect theme.


Nice theme. This isnt a spoiler for the game but just a few facts about it (not whats in it). It does not follow the movie and is set after it. The web slinging in it is funny because it is not attatched to anything but allows for easier movement in the city which i like. The web slinging reminds me of spiderman released in 2002 for gamecube. I do not own the amazing spider man but am debating getting it. I know things about it because i have watched gameplay. Feel free to correct me if i am wrong… Read more »


badass theme…makemore




I watched the movie they before yesterday, its F!#$%^ AMAZING, and to those who have the game please NO SPOILERS, cause I am out of country and my ps3 is not with me i have the game but I can’t play it.