TES V Skyrim #2

Theme by zimmi17

more wallpapers and better icons

has 8 HD backrounds

Enjoy 🙂
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great, love this theme


is it ok if i use your buttons on a theme?


optimas the problem with new vegas was that it was too light hearted and not as dark or sinister as fallout 3 like the raiders in f3 were fucked in the mind but in new vegas there more sane and easy to kill cuz all they ever have is pool cues n shit


Optimus: there is a way around the glitch where y got a black screen – reason is the guy who you kill and get the QUEST HAT, so simply to by pass that section is to go caravan area and buy similar hat, put it on and voila (normally if you dont kill target, this glitch dont occur) plus if you download the dlc, it takes about 50% bugs of (now days my game only bugs or crashes if i play more than 2hours or more – i play 1h 30mins, take a save and upload that game) hope this… Read more »



Very weird indeed

Oooh, it’s finally over! Yeah, looks like everything’s ok now: I can see the gravataaaaars!!! 😛
Hey, mate! I uploaded your themes March 31, so they should be here soon… 😉


Very weird indeed


Holy $hit! I see both of them… O_o
3 things:

1) I’m becoming crazy.
2) The site is going adrift.
3) It’s a f**king April Fool’s joke!

No OPTIMUS, now it’s about 9:48am now! LOL

No unicorns, all I see is the blank red x box. Odd


I loved Oblivion and I can’t wait for Skyrim!

But… hey!
9:48 am: I logged in and… WTF? What the hell is happening to our gravatars?!? We all have a fucking unicorn with a rainbow instead of our personal icons!
Is it an April Fool, by chance?!?


Skyrim’s graphics look awesome.


Yup 🙂


Well, I was worried they entrusted again the development of the game to Obsidian, but I forgot that Skyrim is developed directly by Bethesda… 😛


OPTIMUS you said you didn’t have problems with Oblivion or Fallout 3, Bethesda developed both those games. They didn’t develop New Vegas, that was handled by Obsidian Entertainment. They are known for not having well polished games, don’t worry Skyrim will be amazing. 🙂


Don’t mention it, mate! Anytime… 😛

Yep, I know this theme! However, looks like it’s not in Full HD: a friend of mine, told me that he bought it and the “video” is probably in low resolution, since it looks quite blurry.
Anyway, I’m not 100% sure, but I think I’ve seen it here:



thanks 4 the FALLOUT New Vegas review Optimus XD… hey anyone know where i can get the Tranquil Stream Dynamic theme? I NEED IT! FREE! like this site!


Well, basically the game itself is not so bad, but all the rest really sucks… -It has nothing really new, aside the fact they’ve put some new species of creatures like some insects, reptiles and coyotes (but the others are just a variety of scorpions, mutants, deathclaws and so on) and the possibility to customize some weapons (pretty useless, imho…). -The story is ridiculous, in my opinion: the plot of Fallout 3 was much better and more exciting. -Graphically is identical to Fallout 3 (and sometimes even worst) but despite the environments are composed mostly of deserts with some urban… Read more »


I don’t think Fallout New Vegas is bad, it’s just that Bethesda should of made it DLC for Fallout 3 instead.


Why?!?!? Is it bad the new Fallout??? I was going to buy it..


Oh, yeah, me too!
I just hope they don’t mess it up like they did with Fallout New Vegas! 🙁


Can’t wait for this one!