Tekken Tag Tournament 2 HD

Theme by DemiGod7

A very simple theme I made for the upcoming installment on the Tekken Series. BEWARE: The icons are very…..unusual. Do not come hating on me, I didn’t do it out of boredom.
Download Here
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: Yep, you’re right! “Different” is usually better than everything else… and for me, it’s = to original πŸ˜‰

As for the new Tekken theme… I think 2ply’s idea about making the icons like the “buttons sequence” needed to perform a combo in the game is great!
I’ll be waiting for that theme! πŸ˜€


@Lucem Ferre , I will definately make another TTT2 theme, I may use those, I may not. Depends on what I find really.

Lucem Ferre

Oh I meant Heihachi Mishima, the young one with Kazuya, and Jinpachi. I don’t like Jin anymore since he became a douchebag.


$70 is better than the standard $150 Sony charges for any and everything lol.

The bluray lens’ are known for burning out too, but in my experience just cleaning it off has fixed disc read issues (I probably just jinxed myself…), something worth looking into if it ever stops working again – i’m sure that shop would be able to try that before replacing parts.

But anyways lol, no need to give me credit really, you were the one who put the thought in my head in the first place πŸ˜›


@2ply , oh I will do it. I counted the icons, I can show a 9 or 8 hit combo moveset. Brilliant idea man, half the theme credit will go to you. As for the PS3, I have zero patience when it comes to bust out equipment, so the next day I went in a store to get it fixed. After some minor issues, new lens was installed for 70 euros. Not bad. But my PC, when I turn it on, I just see some weird colour effect and green pixel lines on half the screen. I hope it is… Read more »


This theme is cool. I wish there more pics. I like to see people doing different things. +1


Cool ;D I look forward to seeing it if you do make it some day. I won’t be able to make anything for sometime so go for it, can’t figure out what’s wrong with my own PC haha. Bought a new power supply and it still goes completely beserk and shuts off after turning it on so IDK! >.< My PS3 also does the same thing too lmao. Have to clean off the lens every 3 months or so, that's probably all thats wrong with yours too – if your not covered just take it apart and dab the lens… Read more »


, my man, that was epic!! I’m 90% sure I will use it unless a super uber idea comes up. In the meantime, you could make that theme btw. And yeah, 2012 has been a kind of unfortunate year for me, first PS3 lens, now this >_>, we take our devices for granted when clearly that’s not the case.

, just one edited pic.


How many PICS??


Argh PC trouble eh? You’re not the only one haha, my power supply or something fired on mine over the weekend again.. technology is so frusterating.. I just had a thought if you make another like this though. Your comment on the icons being like buttons make me think of the move sets in fighting games. Maybe for the next you could make the icons look like a move in the tekken game, like -> -> O or something (if you know what I mean). It’d probably be cooler if the icons actually “spelled” out a real button combination for… Read more »


Thanks a lot guys! I just figured I’d do something different to fresh up the situation a little bit! – @2ply, I know right! Time to get unique! Hmm….health bar you say? Not what I had in mind, but it explains it better! The icons are just random buttons I guess. -@kirbz, thanks a lot man! Means a lot to me -@Lucem Ferre, I’ll probably make another TTT2 theme, once my PC is fixed. Maybe I’ll use female characters. Oh and, do you mean Lei? Lei Wulong? And yup, Kazuya kicks a** -@OPTIMUS, ahhh OPTI!! Yup, Im also waiting for… Read more »


: Uh! I like Tekken and I’m waiting for this game. I only hope this new iteration will be much closer to the old games than the other ones have been so far.

Anyway, let me tell you this theme is… different. Yeah, very nice and original!
Good job, my friend: +1! πŸ˜€

Lucem Ferre

Could you make one without Jin hes sooooo lame. Could you do Hei, and Kazuya. Kazuya is the BEST!


Not a into tekken as well, but this theme is top notch, well done DemiGod7!


I applaud you for trying something different. I don’t get why some people can get upset when the icons don’t show exactly what they are for, have they never used the PS3 before? lol should know the order/layout of them by now (besides there is text below them when selected lol).

I’m not really into the Tekken game’s but I assume it was meant to look like the health bar, or is it something else? Either way it’s a unique theme, good job.