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This is a “test theme”: nothing special (but maybe good for those who are waiting for this game) I made it just to be sure the new 3.40fw icon (Video Editor & Uploader) is displayed correctly. So, if someone has already updated the PS3, let me know if everything’s ok or not, please.

-8 HD/SD backgrounds
-handmade icons
-no sounds
Download Here

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@Josh HARRIS-Thanks bro! @YOGOSAN-Wow, you’re back! Well, I’m really glad you had fun, but… holy shit! You’ve been away for a whole week: I thought you had been abducted by aliens…! πŸ˜› Now, you have to recover all the lost time because, you know, you’ve missed a week, but on earth a whole month has gone… πŸ˜€ @FRKGAMER86-Yeah, I can’t wait too! Well, I’m not sure everyone will appreciate the theme I’m working on, because it’s a particular thing and many will not be able to understand the “style” I’m using, but surely they will not understand what I want… Read more »


Cool, i’m also big GT fan can’t wait for nov. 2nd and to see that theme and what else you have in store. πŸ™‚


ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh………i’m back………i wish i could go back already but standard boring life will have to resume….until bulgaria in 2 weeks! it was quite an excellent festival, too much fun to fit into a comment……i’ll try to summarise it……alcohol+muse+kasabian+80000 otherdrunk people+infinite amounts of smokin hot females= fun times

Josh Harris

Thanks for the theme, love it!


Well, I’m currently working on something quite complicated (because of the icons I decided to create) and certainly it will take a long time.
As for games, I’m planning a new theme for GT5 (I’m a big fan of the series since the 1st GT) but considering that it will be released in November, I’ve plenty of time to finish the theme I’m working on…


You’re welcome, also are you working on any theme’s or planning on making any theme’s for big upcoming game’s like COD Black Ops or perhap’s a new gt5 theme cuz i know you made one awhile ago?


Thanks, Frkgamer86!


Hey OPTIMUS, wanted to let you know the icon’s are displaying correctly. Nice theme btw.


Thanks for sharing.


Yep! Long time ago, I was on another site, then I discovered this one and I think it’s the best I ever seen.

Well, making themes is quite simple and also very funny! Obviously, at the beginning you would only need to do a little practice, but then everything would go by itself.
You know, the only very important thing is the imagination: without it, it becomes difficult to create icons…


I may have commented on one or two Themes but not many, I always use this place for my themes, there are so many good ones to choose from.
Just wish i had the patience and know how to make my own.


Don’t mention it!

Tell me, Schumi, is this the first time you comment a theme? No offense, but I ask because honestly, since I came here, I don’t remember ever having seen neither a theme nor a comment with your name. Which is strange: I should remember another fan of Michael Schumacher… πŸ˜›
But maybe my brain has gone :D!


Yes i am thanks a Fan thanks, i must admit though the reflective icons are starting to grow on me now, Right i remember your previous themes, and i must admit these smaller icons look way better.

Again great work.
Thanks very much.


Thanks, Schumi! (Are you a fan of Michael Schumacher, by chance? I’m a BIG FAN! :D) Don’t worry, no offense: it is obvious that not everyone may like the same things… Well, actually I already created those icons for my Drive Your Dream: GT5 theme time ago, but they were bigger. Now I always try to draw small (but visible and well detailed) icons to avoid covering the backgrounds. Ok, as I was saying: those icons were bigger, but since this is a “test theme” for the new icon came with FW3.40, I only decided to resize and use them… Read more »


Lovely design, love the size of the icons, they look great, only one downside is and please take no offence, this is just a personal preference, i do not like the reflecting of the icons.

Great work, keep it up.