SUPER SF IV-part 4

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This was a single theme, but the file size was exaggerated, so I had to divide it into 4 parts.
This is the part 4, which contains:
-8 HD/SD characters backgrounds (from Rufus to Zangief) from the official Capcom site.
-Handmade icons (I made them small and slightly transparent to not cover the beautiful wallpapers).
-Original sounds (only 3) taken from the old games series.


Download Here

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Yep! I think I’ll start to make Megan Fox or Tera Patrick themes… πŸ˜› Speaking of themes… I’m finishing the one I was talking about: as I said, it’s something particular and it will be appreciated (maybe) only by those who have at least 36 years like me, I’m afraid πŸ™ Oh well, it doesn’t matter… I wanted to make it and I’m making it! πŸ˜€ It took me a really long time (because of the icons) and will take a little more to finish, and… uh! What was I saying? Oh, yeah! You know, you gave me the inspiration… Read more »


no nudity, no cigar πŸ™


Well, if you’re interested, there are also PART 1, 2 and 3.
Or else, just don’t download… πŸ˜›


this theme is bit borin