Super Punch Out!!

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Super Punch-Out!! Theme
17 Backgrounds
5 custom sounds from the game
Full custom Icons

Played through the entire game in ZSNES and SNES9X and took screenshots using the FN+PRTSC method. Then, recorded an AVI movie in SNES9X, removed the sound channels I didn’t need and uploaded it to YouTube so I could download the audio as an MP3. Took the MP3 and made the custom sounds. Put a lot of work into this one. Enjoy!
Download Here

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slammin.. i loved this game., cant F with snes. still my favorite system. lol. awsome dennis. +1


your welcome & thx to everyone for taking the time to make such awesome themes your hard work
doesn’t go unappreciated excellent job everyone
thank you very much & can’t wait to see what
other great ideas you all have

Patrick Ryan 123456

awesome theme


As Faxtron says another great classic +1


awesome theme man! +1


Another great classic theme +1 Thanks 🙂


: Yeah, I know! I love tearing the old ROMs apart and making themes!

: Thanks for the kind words!

: Why thanks, man! I suppose I could have possibly added the gray border around the Trophy Icon to help it blend a little better with the rest of the Icons, but ah well. It’s done now. 😀


Oh maaan… SPECTACULAR! A worthy successor to the previous theme! I knew you were working hard on it, and this really exceeds all expectations I had: great backgrounds and veeery nice icons… also, I think the sounds are perfect! Uhm… maybe the only thing I don’t like so much is the trophy icon, because it’s completely different and, in my humble opinion, I find it doesn’t fit well to the style of the other icons. But this is such a small thing that doesn’t affect in any way the great job you did, my friend! And you deserve a “super-punchy”… Read more »


thx for all the hard work
you put to make it & custom sounds are
always welcome excellent job 5/5