Super Metroid Animated

Theme by Faxtron

This is an old theme I made for one of my favorites games of all time Super Metroid. An exlusive game made long time ago for the gorious classic Snes console. This theme was uploaded long time ago in my youtube channel but I decided to upload to this site. I will be working soon with it to fix the speed of the animation and to add some new effects with a new tecniques I know now.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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Yes doom the speed is a little fast as you see but dont worry I’m working in an update with the fix for this theme an some additional things I will add. About the title screen I’m not working on that but I can add a second bg animated in an MDT for this theme with this video : and release it in the update or definitive edition lol…


for my brother freddy, wherever you are in the galaxy…..


the last metroid is in captivity.. …the galaxy, is at peace…

lol. i had to say that.

que the bad ass samus the bounty hunter song,,


i see what your saying about the speed,

also i gotta ask, are you doing the title screen?


Thanks ….. There will be a few more next week in the next ps3-themes uploads.


+1 old school epic sauce.


also one of my favorite games of all time, i think it was ahead of its time, back then everything about the game was amazing, this just was one of those games that you couldn’t put down, i must have beaten it 100 times, lol.

nice line up of themes btw ‘holy shit faxtron!’


You ever try playing those classic games now? I don’t know how we tortured ourselves back then, lol 😀 +1