Street Fighter 4

Theme by hulk0408

Custom icons made like the logo and 4 HD wallpapers
Download Here

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umm just wondering how do u download a theme then put on the ps3? or do u just straight download to ps3? email me at thanks appreciate it


Really nice SF iv Theme, matches with my canvas..How do you change to 1 specific character?…I see 4 character that come up randomly.


Hey really good work 5 stars from me to the best SF Theme.
Hope i see more themes from you!
Greetz, Delay81


yo, nice theme, 5 stars. I read some of the commetns. I agree with hulk0408. Im glad the icons match with the wallpapers. The blue & purple icons would not match with theme. I seen a lot themes with good wallpapers, but odd icons to match.


When you do please post it or email it to me. I want to see how it will turn out.

Email Address is

Montage Mik

Force unleashed CRYSTAL has been replaced with V2, 12 baks 2.50 icons (NOT POSTED HERE).
Fine hulk wasnt having a go ,it was a suggestion But ps3 themes seemed to take offence at this.
maybe gradient the writing on the baks to include Blues to purple to orange & use a mix of all the icons to match gradients of the bak.
thats what i’ll do with it.


Montage Mik what i did is put the wallpapers that fit the icons in the first one, because the other didnt fit with it. If you want to you can download all 3 themes and includ all the wallpapers. The Star War TFU theme is th only theme that i like that you made so far

Montage Mik

look , i know you guys don,t like me, obvious.feel free to drop me an e-mail & i’ll stop posting, But i thought comments section was for comments. “would’ve been better to put all baks in the one theme” Whats wrong with that. You guys don’t have a problem when my themes are given bad comments.

Montage Mik

would’ve been better to put all baks in one theme


I really like this one! 5 Stars! I’m using this one right now! Thanks!