Skyrim Dragonborn

Theme by Devilush

As requested…

Please give credit if you use my icons or backgrounds for another custom theme.
Visit my for more custom themes and wallpapers.
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Mr X

Hey on my tv the icon change but the background wont show up? it turns in to the “normal” theme background with a random colour =(( and it makes very annoying “BOOM” “BOOM” sound everytime i move along the diffrent icons why is my tv to old or???


sign in optimus.. lol. u can do it.. theres nothing to it.. just sign in. lol. itle make ya fly!!


: Lol! True, those are the unlocked trophy icons… you’re right! I didn’t remember (my damn brain… :P)!

Uh! I didn’t update my PS3 yet…
Oh $**t! So, it means is no more possible to add the trophy icon, since in PS3 Theme Builder there’s no way to access the PlayStation Network category…
Too bad! πŸ™


haha those are Bethesda trophy icons so if I use them I will give credit to them just like you should of fella.

All in all the theme is pretty neat +1 πŸ™‚


the PSN Network category looks awfull now they have moved the trophy collection into it. I prefer to use more unique icons in this category now rather than themed icons but if you like the style here is a trophy icon to suit created by me sorry Bethesda lol πŸ˜€


i gotta get that game in the future. it looks fun.


Uh! Very nice theme: the icons are great!
(Just one thing… Why didn’t you make a specific trophies icon like all the others? O_o)

Anyway, great job: Skyrim still rules! πŸ˜€