Scorpion MK Dynamic Theme (vs screen render)

Theme by kRiMMeH

fixed the mid-plain image for the ppl that tv’s display it not in the corner
Download Here

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Really nice theme , but how did you make the mortal kombat logo spin that good? , i mean what did you use , circular smoke 01 or circular smoke 02?
I just need it for my theme 😀

Hope you understand what i mean 🙂


I see it with my eyes & it looks awesome!


How Is Anyone Able To See This? When I Try To Look At It, It Says Corrupted Data Or Something


I see. Now you know & knowing’s half the battle.

This is another theme that made my xbox friends jealous. They’ll be even more jealous now that it looks better. Once again thanks for the re-edit & keep up the good work!


No its just my tv is a DLP, which most if not all DLP’s zoom have some % of overscan. When making the themes i go off my tv hence the issue it had, so i fixed them but i still use the ersions i made for myself.


Thanks man, that looks better. Have you figured out your TV issue so that you can see the full themes like we do? Or is there no way to change your TV’s display settings?


can you make one with reptile please?


Well like I said adjust the screen size settings on all 3 of your tv’s then because they are not displaying the themes correctly. When I have mine set to 16:9 it look like your screen shot. But when I change it to “screen fit” it shows the whole thing. On my friends tv it’s called “scan”. 16:9 cuts off the edges on the PS3.


ya iono, i have 3 1080p tv’s in my house and they all display it as in my screenshot, the images isn’t snug to the corner for that reason but i can go ahead and snug it up to the corner and re-upload it.


yeah, that does look bad… 🙁


comment image

See what we mean?


kRiMMeH- Try playing around with the picture size settings on your TV. I remember people talking about it on this site before.
I think it might be called “scan” or something? Hope that helps

I’ll try to post a pic to show you what we’re seeing.


Yeah it looks real bad it needs to be moved to the left and a bit down i have it displayed on 1080p hope you fix it cause it would look good.


is it not flush on your tv? I tried it in 480p,720p,1080i/p on my tv and its actually cut off a bit on the side and bottom (image goes pass the screen). Does this happen with any other of my themes?


Could you move the main Scorpion pic a little down & to the left so it’s flush with the corner of the screen?
Kinda looks a little stupid the way it is now.