Saints Row the Third #3


I’ve started playing this game recently and am enjoying the hell out of it so I decided to make a slideshow theme for the game. I’d like to add that we need to start supporting THQ cause they’re starting to fall and I hate to see that seeing they make plenty of great games.

I hope you enjoy it. The video preview was sped up to show all the pictures in the theme but is slower in the actual theme.

Icons are edits of the basic PS3 iconset and they are beveled purple face with chrome 3d effect sides. Like I’ve said before I absolutely hate making the icons. I wish someone would make a program for PS or G.I.M.P. where you can just automatically do all the icons instantly.
Download Here


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The Cult Of Personality

Im THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT THIS GAME! i have a platnum, all dlc, iv played it 3 weeks none stop & got platnum in 3 weeks. Could somebody do another dynamic SR3 theme? the game is amazing and no offence to the other guys but the themes are kinda lame. +1


You found some nice pics. Good job +1.
For icons that have the same effect, like the ones you did, you can use the automate feature in Photoshop. Google it. You’ll find plenty of tutorials.