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4 artistic backgrounds (images from redfactionunderground.com and trucoteca.com) totally hand made icons and original game sounds.

Red Faction: Guerrilla and respective logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc and Volition. All rights reserved.
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…and we’ll be here till the end of time!


one year later, here we are!


I heard you use GIMP imaging software. Need some help. I need to change my icons from 32 bit to 8 bit. How do I do this?


Yeah, I see. Ok, I count on it: have a good work and see you at your next theme!


i will try, its a big project but and very tedious but i’l finiish it


Oh yeah, fw 3.0! My japanese friend told me about it: I’m not sure about new icons, but just one thing: ANIMATED BACKGROUNDS! Wow!
So, about the theme you are working on: try to finish it as quick as you can, ’cause I really want to see it, ok?


i have a bunch of themes waiting to be uploaded, when i heard about fw 3.0 i said id wait incase of new icons. i’ll be back in business. i was working on a theme with photo-real-ish icons, the icons just took sooo loooong that i gave it a rest, i finished about 7 icons, im waiting to get started on that again, i have on/off stages with themes. one month im churning them out, the next month i tell myself that im done…..im never done, i just love making them


Thank you very much yogosan! I always prefer to make icons by my hand, because (in my opinion) it’s the only way to really use the imagination: the background images can be found anywhere, but the real icons only come from ideas…
Thank you and cheer up bro: go on make your themes because there will always be someone like you and me that appreciate this kind of works!


i truly commend you for making your own icons, a rarity these days, i hope they allow some kind theme uploads on psn, or a theme making program for psn download, or at very least theme sharing with psn friends, would get me back in the mood for making them


Thanks a lot! I’ve noticed that no one made a theme for this great game, so… here it is.
I’m just uploading version 2 with same backgrounds, but new type of icons (surprise)


wow awesome theme good work bro.
been wishin someone would make a Red Faction Guerilla theme.

how many versions are you gonna make?