Red Dead Redemption #6

Theme by Yogosan

Theme based on the game Red Dead Redemption. 10HD & 9SD backgrounds, custom icons, Enjoy!!
Download Here
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Or if you have internet on your ps3 just go to this site from there and download. πŸ™‚


Thanks man!


In a USB key: create a folder named PS3, inside this folder create another one named THEME in which you’ll download the themes.
Then, just plug the USB key to PS3 and from the “themes” option of the XMB, go to install (you’ll see the USB key icon)


how do you install it on ps3?


truly amazing loved the grayed aspect wasn’t expecting that. looking forward to your red version


oops, sorry le-rock, i havnt checked this theme for a while, i can upload the png file onto turboimagehost, there are too many layers and filters to name, if you are still there!


Awesome theme + 5 stars !!

But what did you use to have your wallpapers like this ? Because i want to turn some others Red Dead wallpapers like yours (10 is enough, but i want more ^^’)

Thank you !

SlingShot Double S



IMO one of the best themes, ever.

Just wow:)


i realy would like a nice theme of NFS Shift i cant find a nice one yet.


i personally don’t like this theme that much πŸ˜€ but i had put too much work into it to start from scratch (AGAIN) i probably should have waited to play the game….oh well! the paint effect on the icons was read with icons on top. but i got sick of all the red ones by then.

loki nevermind

the best rdr theme!!!!

super awesome icons!!!!


great theme dude. captures the old west ambience very well. awesome game too I might add….my wife ain’t seen me for days!!!


Guaranteed! πŸ˜€


i guess we’ll have 2 wait and see, i wouldnt worry just yet, i bet they will release a brand new theme builder with even more cool options…….maybe….probably not though. it will come to an end some day, but if the ps4 does support any form of rheme making, you can bet your ass i’ll still be around.


Yes, it’s perfect… for us.
Well, maybe you’re right, but… it seems that was an explicit statement (it’s not a secret that Sony wants to evolve the console more and more) and thinking about it, this could really happen.
I mean, when they introduced the dynamic themes, Sony has not released any program that WE could use… so, I think: what would happen if a new XMB were introduced for real (but incompatible with the current theme builders) and Sony does not release a dedicated software as it was with dynamic themes? πŸ™


i dont think they would change it, its perfect as it is, maybe its just the friends list. im sure i’d have heard about this. and if they do, who’s to say it wont support themes, new or old
@coffeebean, what kind of coffee?


Got RDR for because it was cheaper than JC2 and it was the limited edition πŸ˜€


@YOGOSAN-No need: your icons are perfect as they are. I told you, I like this style. But… unfortunately, our theme makers “careers” will end soon, I’m afraid… Just today I got a worrying news from my Japanese friend: it seems that Sony is going to completely revolutionize the XMB, replacing it with something totally different from what we used to know. Still unknown HOW and WHEN this will happen (probably with a new firmware) but this could mean the end of the custom themes… πŸ™ @DAHL-Well, Split Second is not so bad… However, as you know, I played JC2 and… Read more »


ok guys i need help, i can buy one game, and it stands between 3 games: Split Second Velocity, Red Dead Redemption or Just Cause 2, what should i choose?


I want a theme about coffee. But it never happens πŸ™


, i can’t wait for you to see what else i’m working on! , i probably could have spent more time making better icons, but i ha been working so long on the other version with the red wallpapers, i got impatient and rushed it towards the end,


Lol! You’re so romantic, Yogosan! Is it because of the sunset over the canyon? Or maybe the fresh air of the west… πŸ˜€ I really like this “old” style (funny thing is that I was going to do something like that… O_o) and… the old game of the cup with a ball: hahaha!!! Very original, I like it! (but I didn’t know in the old west they had computer and PS3… :P) Great shot, as always! @frkgamer86: nothing special from me, for now: I worked on Red Dead, I owe you one Yogosan and Dahl’s Purpleness themes at the same… Read more »


awesome theme man as usual. always look forward to the theme’s from you and OPTIMUS. can’t wait to see what else you’re working on! πŸ™‚


i was thinking, what would be the equivalents of a handheld gaming device (psp) back in the old west……….A CUP AND BALL!!!!!


i do get paid for making themes, paid with love, the best currency of all!! πŸ˜€


ahh guys, i’m getting all warm and fuzzy inside πŸ˜€


Awesome πŸ˜€




As a stranger I must say Yogosan’s themes and comment have been getting my attention….. Keep up the good work dude, you should get paid, hired or something!


ugly damn theme!!

person x

orsom, just orsom


Bro awsome theme. “Can’t Be Beat, Won’t Be Beat”.


damn official bro hams


aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh the Red Dead Redemption theme I was looking for. Should of known I was on the right address here. Thx Yogosan, one more for the good guys …


wow that is excellent yogosan.

i am gonna download this theme even though i don’t have the game.

the icons are superb as always