RDR Undead Nightmare Custom Theme

Theme by Bastart

Theme based on the upcoming DLC for Red Dead Redemption, Undead Nightmare.

* main row icons based on the undead
nightmare logo
* luminescent glow vertical icons
* 14 HD wallpapers
Download Here

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Go ahead, that’s fine by me.


Hey Bastart, I just completed my customization of your theme and was wondering if I could upload it here. I put custom sounds in it, and my own backgrounds, some good, some not so great, but yeah….I gave you credit in the comments on the theme, so just waiting for the green light, I don’t want to post it without asking you.


Another great theme!


thank u so much 4 this u made my day or week,perhaps!

duro maduro

i <3 grand theft horsy & this grand theft horsy theme


Sorry, but I don’t make SD Wallpapers for my themes cause
I don’t seem to get the HD screens in to the size of a SD.

@MADAN de Charmoy
If you can find some decent zombie sound clips maybe, I will.

MADAN de Charmoy

Awesome theme try but could you do an updated theme with sound?

Beezy Mane

could u make sd wallpapers also, not all people have hd yet. thank you