Theme by mrj QQQ

This Theme is for all of those that are hooked on Skyrim. This is a complete set of Skyrim icons, 9 HD backgrounds complete in every way except SD. Enjoy your comments are appreciated, let me know what you think.
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I just checked out your themes. You do some nice icon work. I gave you a +1 for this.


@mrj qqq I would never go out of my way to -1 all your themes. I’m a grown ass man. I don’t have time for that. As I said before I don’t give negative feedback. If I’m not feeling the theme I stay quiet. I generally leave comments for praise and encouragement and a little constructive criticism. Please don’t believe I would do some petty sh*t like that. I called you a hater because your comments are not constructive and unneccessarily negative.

thomas iremonger

great theme thumbs up 🙂

mrj qqq

Your welcome Cloud9 – I am an axe man in the game that is why I used all the axes. I saw and downloaded the dynamic theme, however it was just a background, no customized icons. I am not a fan of dynamic themes, only one background, and they get old fast. I would rather have a different background come up. Not sure which background your not happy with , however if it comes up you can always reinstall the theme to change it to a background of your liking. Enjoy , I am currently using this theme myself. SKYRIM… Read more »


Thanks for the great theme! I love the icons and all but one of the backgrounds. I didn’t think I’d stop using the Skyrim dynamic theme any time soon, but this theme is even better!