Playstation World: Jak and Daxter

Theme by Jaydee1003

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With playstation all stars coming out in november, I came up with an idea to create my first theme series called “Playstation World” for fun. It includes icons from many current and previous famous playstation franchises. The Dynamic background for this theme is Jak and Daxter. If anyone has any ideas for future themes in this series feel free to comment below. Also, I will be making more themes like this with different dynamic backgrounds only if a lot of people like the idea of it.

**There have been some icon changes made after the release of the video preview.

I’ve made a list of the franchises included in the theme if anyone is interested
(God of war, Sly cooper, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Littlebigplanet, Killzone, Uncharted, Heavy rain, Starhawk, Twisted metal, Parappa the rapper, Resistance, Infamous, Buzz quiz, Gran turismo, Crash bandicoot, Spyro the dragon, Tomba, Fat princess, Escape plan, Metal Gear solid, and Modnation Racers)

Enjoy ! 🙂
Download Here


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That’s amazing


I love this theme, Jaydee! I thank my funny but very competitive nephew for introducing me to this game franchise because now i’m starting to get hooked. Now since we’re talking game themes from PS1 & 2 days gone by, how about Parasite Eve, Battle Arena Toshinden, Original Lara Croft in all her serious glory:), Max Payne, and Maximo with his funny-looking boxers fighting the baddies. These happen to be some faves. I know they got to be some of yours! See what kind of magic you could whip up these choices. And again, nice job on the J&D theme… Read more »


thats a good idea 🙂 I can make an endless amount of themes in this series lol theres really no limit but the problem is that its time consuming and also not all the great classic ps1 games are playstation exclusives like dead or alive, tekken, and street fighter for example. but anyway whenever i have the chance ill definitely get into that.. im glad everyone liked the idea i was afraid that everyone might hate it lol


@Jaydee1003: LOL! Yep, you’re right, but… Well, you know, it’s like you were asking me to choose whether to cut my right arm or the left one (although I think it wouldn’t be a problem, considering my right arm is paralyzed)… loooool! 😛 All the games I mentioned are, in my opinion, the best ones that made the history of PS1, and the best games I ever played (and the list is not even complete, since there are others like MGS, Silent Hill, Gran Turismo, Alone In The Dark and so on…) Hmm… Maybe you could make various themes using… Read more »


Parasite Eve, love 1,2 and 3, Good idea for a theme.


Thx everyone im happy 2 see ppl liked the idea 🙂

That’s a looong list lool alot of great suggestions too 🙂 .. if you were to pick your top 3 which ones would you like to see the most?


Good idea mate +1


@Jaydee1003: Once again… you did a great job, my friend! ++++++++1! 😀 And I really like your idea, so… in addition to the PS2 and PS3 universe, I’d really love to see games taken from the good old days of the PS1. Games like: Jumping Flash, Macross VF-X, Symphony Of The Night, MegaMan, Ridge Racer, Dynasty Warriors, Rival Schools, V-Rally, Rapid Reload, Soul Edge, Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Tekken, The Need For Speed, Dead Or Alive, Hokuto No Ken, Chase The Express, Parasite Eve, Nightmare Creatures, Fear Effect (or Fear Factor, depending on the country), Street Fighter, Earth Worm Jim,… Read more »


hell yeah jak and daxter, cool theme


great work Jaydee1003 just do it


Good job on theme.. May I suggest a Sly Cooper theme with the whole gang. In spirit of Playstation All-Stars plus upcoming Sly Cooper Thieves in Time? jus a suggestion ^_^


Jaydee1003 puttin’ in work. This is cool. I like the idea behind it too. Great work +1


Thanks everyon1 🙂

I just finished 3 uncharted themes that i’ve been working on this week. i will be posting them up soon!


dont like this game.but good job wif theme..hunger them film wif the hot girl in it.


oh and the spyro theme


this theme is awesome and i would like to see the God Of War theme infamous and uncharted


awesome +1