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98 thoughts on “PlayB3yond

  1. This theme looks like a bucket of pickled shrimps, that has been in the sun for forty years

  2. Not bad. I wish there were icons for “Trophy Collection”, “Online Instruction Manuals”, and “Internet Search” instead of that question mark, though.

  3. this theme is amazing only with its icons… i used it but i chaged the background to the original PS3 background and it looks AMAZING!!!!

  4. this is WAY to white.. i downloaded it, but i had to delete it, cuz it hurt my eyes.. not to be rude ar anything, but try a darker BG.. all i could see was white and those icons

  5. Here’s hoping you’re working on an updated version of this great theme to support the new icons in 2.41. Thanks!

  6. thanks so much! this skin is awesome
    for those of you who are having problems like i was this is what you do.
    1) plug your USB stick into your Computer/Laptop.
    2) Create a folder named “PS3” (in CAPS) and inside that folder create another folder called “THEME” (also VERY IMPORTANT you put in CAPS, or it will not work).
    3) Put all the Themes you want into that folder.
    4) Plug it into the PS3 and then go to the place you change your themes.
    5) Go to “Install” then it should find the USB stick and go to the folder and then you should find your skins in there!

  7. Wicked theme. I love it. Looks really cool and is very simple. Great job. πŸ˜€

  8. Hey guys thanks for the feed back on my theme, It’s awesome that my theme is #1 here on the the best site for ps3 themes. I spent lots of time making each icon. For the record, I made every icon myself. For anyone that says I took/copied any icons they are either a thief or have a great mind and thought the same as me. THANKS EVERYONE

  9. I suggest changing the brightness setting on the PS3 for the background (its in the theme options after you install it) so that you can read the text easier without looking for a different background.

  10. very nice theme with great high quality icons compared to most of the other themes ive dowloaded. Properly scaled and have a streamlined look. If the white background affects the text for you just look for another background and put it on your ps3, anything will go well with this theme

  11. Awesome icons – either borrowed or borrowed by others, I did change back to standard background as I like the dynamic time effect and the white makes writing hard to read.

  12. Whoops, typed it in a hurry – VERY EXCITED ‘BOUT DA THEME!! πŸ˜› – so sorry for my few letter slip-ups folks.

  13. Without a doubt, the SINGLE GREATEST THEME out there for PS3. Barnone. Clear, concise, doesn’t make any stupid sounds when you go from icon to icon, they fade out when you aren’t in their column (minor gripe – with the icons faded just a tad more) but other than that, this theme ROCKS. You have no idea how many compliments I have received for it. Using Sony products for each column it tops too. Very thoughtful, very well done, and most of all…VERY BAD ASS!!!

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