Persona 4 Ultimate/Arena PS3 Theme

Theme by JouMiranda

My first theme. It is about the Persona 4 Ultimate/Arena Video Game. It has 12 backgrounds each for each character. It supports both HD/SD resolutions. A HUGE THANKS to SubaruSumeragi for the backgrounds. You can watch his or any persona 4 pics at; I also added Minato, Yukari and the Female Protagonist from P3P as a bonus.
Download Here
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If you are going to look for SubaruSumeragi pics at zerochan, they changed their search settings so you can only look for pics by their theme not by uploader. You can search in zerochan by Persona 4 the ultimate in mayonara arena or you can google zerochan persona 4 subarusumeragi.


I’ll try, but in the case it doesn’t get published you can use Ps3 theme builder and edit it. Look for SubaruSumeragi pics at some are in HD resolution while others are a bit over HD resolution you can use MS paint to resize them to 1920×1080.


Can you make just an HD version? Not a fan of SD pics.