Payday 2 (SS Plus Mix)

Theme by Faxtron

Theme with a mix of custom icons created one set by Glowball and the other set by Darth Black. The theme have 4 HD images running with a Glideshow mix.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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The Cult Of Personality

About your theme, I love the fire/ money in the background. Thats damn nice. *gives +1*

The Cult Of Personality

Aw dude I freaking love this game! I just got the ps4 crime wave edition. That is soo cool how you fight against the police and swat teams. Its hard and kinda aggervating constantly restarting the drills and things only get harder every second! This game gets my blood rushing. I always dreamed of a bank robbing type of game and they have it! I am considering getting the 1st payday for my ps3.


Awesome. I should have thought of this too, lol +1