Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday

Theme by Matrix21

Decided to make this cause I love the Parasite Eve Series, haven’t played 3rd Birthday, but want to, and just decided to make this theme, cause Aya’s my favorite character from the series.

Icons by Lanes8
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3rd Birthday was ok, but i would have preferred it on a bigger system like PS3, so it would have better graphics, and actually be an RPG like the original and the second game, this was just an action shooter, was a disappointment


it is only on psps and it was a great game loved it when i went through it


It’s a PSP exclusive if I’m not mistaken. I remember it being famous for an Aya Brea shower scene that you had to be a quantum physicist to unlock, lol.


i have the original parisite eve games but never heard of 3rd birthday one, is it a playstation game, or what system is the game on???