Onechanbara (HD only)

Theme by SoundOfDarkness

Even though the game looks like an old PS2 game it’s a really fun game, if you like mindless hack & slash. I don’t always need a good and interesting story and I never cared much about graphics as long as the game is entertaining me. Hell, I still like good old 2D sidescrolling games from SNES times, but I’m getting off topic here…

It’s really hard to find any decent pics for this game. Even though there are some 720p screenshots, the best wallpapers I found only had a 1280×1024 resolution so I had to resize and crop them. As always 16 HD only wallpapers, icons from my AMR themes.

WARNING: This theme is definitely not for PS3 fanboys. I still hope for PS3 version of a future Onechanbara game.
Download Here

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Great theme!, This game was fun, if the new one comes to the US I will be picking it asap. 😀