Ninja Gaiden 3 Animated v2 [Update 2 for FW-4.0]

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Ninja Gaiden 3 Animated with Custom icons and original sounds.Firmware 4.0 compatible. For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3. Like always for free.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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Ah ninja gaiden was one awesome game and this theme is awesome as well but some of the comments state ninja gaiden was hard but i don’t remember having a hard time to beat it


[update 2] : fixed some problems on unexpected stop in the theme. Please PS3-Theme uploader change the download file for this one.



Hey dude the new 4.0 update wont let me run this theme. and its pissing me off because this is one wicked theme

The Updated version is uploaded wait a few days to be available here 🙂 Thanks for your support and appreciation of the theme.


Hey dude the new 4.0 update wont let me run this theme. and its pissing me off because this is one wicked theme


wooww awesome themes thx


I refer to the classics Ninja Gaiden games in terms of difficulty not to the modern ones 🙂


LOL…. what’s so hard about ninja gaiden games.. i beat ninja gaiden 1, black, 2, sigma, and sigma 2.. and they were relatively easy unless your on hard then it’s just a little tuff but i wouldn’t say the most difficult game ever.. i just izuna drop everyone LOL


Thanks bro !


AWESOME theme! one of the best dynamic themes! THX VERY MUCH GR8 job!


Thanks for the feedback…. That right Ninja Gaiden is in my opinion one of the most challenging games of all time but I like it no matter what since the first one was released some time ago for nes… for that reason I create this theme I can’t wait to play the third part from the new series. I like it more the classics ones that the modern games but the new ones are good too. BTW : The most challenging game of the series its the first part of the classics from nes… My favorite of the 3 classics.… Read more »


That game is STILL hard today! I remember playing Ninja Gaiden on the old school Nintendo I couldn’t even beat level 3. Anyways nice work on the theme big props on it!


Any1 else know how freaking hard the game is.?


Uh! That’s really nice, mate!
(even if I don’t like Ninja Gaiden modern games… :P)


hey bro could you please make a good godsmack dynamic animated theme of sully drumming or of a portion of one of thier live concerts with godsmack album logos for icons.. i would do it but i don’t own a computer so i use my PS3 browser.. i like the work you did on this theme and judging by your work you’d be the one to ask.. thanks in advance if you make one.


could you make a shorter loop??? so it shows him kneeling there with that swirling…. energy???