NBA 2K13 Dynamic

Theme by GlowBall

This is a unique dynamic theme with custom made 3D basketball model and texture. This is version 2 and the main idea of the scene
was to have the logo fly in hit the background causing the basketballs to jump, land and then spin. Also as the logo hits the camera would shake and would crack open the floor revealing the animation.

Of course that is alot to put into 1mb(maximum allowed) of memory so I had to make some sacrifices to get most of what I wanted. I can upload version 1 if you like it’s basicly the same only the logo constantly moves positions and there is no pause on the animation. I have also included custom sounds and the home row icons were of my own creation the rest are just teams from the game.

I don’t follow basketball so I tried my best to make this theme usable to everyone.

Requested by stafford13(and others), feedback is welcome.

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Enjoy! πŸ˜€
Download Here


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how to download these wallpaper in ps3 ?

Mr. BooHoo

Great theme bro. Thank you very much.


This theme is so gangsta!!!


your welcome & i think it perfect the way it is but that cool your making a new version thx i will download that one too


@ SSJTMNT, NBAKINGS & Truth_Wanted

thank you for the feedback and thumbs up πŸ˜€

I will upload version 1 soon (without bballs tho)


@ SpaceNinja20

I have no time to make that right now fella tho it is a good idea maybe put it in the requests and someone may take on your challenge :)… I know audiodeviant used to do alot of requests but I guess he took the internet personal lol


@ Faxtron

I understand completly man no worries. I have gone off animated themes now cus I feel that we have moved on from just an animated background as it is just a .gif really man.

I am able to add more elements into the background so why just stick with a limited animation when a dynamic theme should contain alot more than that in my opinion lol πŸ™‚


Great Theme! +1 πŸ˜‰ . But I would prefer the theme to have none of those spinning basketballs in it.


well i like this theme 3 balls so what so bad about this guy


thank you plus 1


You know one ball rotating and in the backgrownd the clouds moving or the fire animated.


Man -1 from me bro…. Why you put 3 balls rotating if with only one the theme will look cool. Another thing I think you can add an animation in the backgrownd better than 3 rotating balls fella. With that you can get a better animation with the 1mb limit.


, is it possible to make ” Chicago Bulls Dynamic Theme ” where the bull is in the middle of the screen where the smoke comes out of its nose an Chicago bulls logo on the right bottom of the screen an in the background the whole thing moves , its this one that im on aboutcomment image / comment image = ) thanks dude


= ) Awesome Theme

Vote : +1


@ uLtRaMa6nEt1c , Jaydee1003 & TheLoneWolf989

thanks guys I appreciate your feedback πŸ™‚


Nice theme +1


nice theme man +1


That’s really cool. Great work +1.