ModNation Racers

Theme by bugdry

A cool simple them for the game MOdNation Racers. please comment and rate, thanks
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lolol cool

not yogosan

i actually changed it myself πŸ˜›


haha its cool dude. i been thinking that smile was messed up for awhile now hehe. i fixed it this morning. if u want i can repost this theme or u will just see the chagne in future ones..bug


i know i’m gonna sound like a dick here πŸ™ those icons are nice, but the smile on the user icon looks a bit…..wonky! πŸ™‚ i just think its too big, it might just be me but apart from that the theme is very good. i downloaded some of your other themes and find them very good, except the big smile. feel free to call me a nitpicking asshole now πŸ˜€