Modern Warfare 3

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COD MW3 2 backgrounds
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BO is the wrst cod evr
the rest of cod-AMAZING
battlefield franchise-AMAZING
i luv zombitches as well but mw3 WILL top it with survival mode
but assassins creed story tops EVERYTHING

COD guy

Black Ops IS the best COD, why you think not is beyond belief


I just Preordered Mw3:D

Jacob Maule

i cant wait for mw3 2 come out


to bad the game will probably suck as all the cods.. Black ops was the worst game ever, mw2 sucks and im just waiting for Battlefield 3 !


i cant stand the servers in the call of duty franchise, treyarch or ward.. the upload and download speeds are so whack that the instant replays are a fairy tale.. i play zombies on cod, i LOVE zombies!! i dont think mw3 will top zombies…. not on its best day….. unless ovcourse they incorporate zombies… witch they should since the makers of ‘dead rising’ have a hand in it, but i gotta tell ya. for me im so sick of the laggy garbage in multi player tdms due to people leaving and joining rooms, if they dont fix the issue… Read more »


o definitely




i have a feeling mw3 isnt going to be as good as MW2 but it will be better than black ops cuz BO is shit