Modern Warfare 2 #7

Theme by SAS_Sharpshooter

This is a slight update to the Modern Warfare 2 #6, it is about the latest installement of the Modern Warfare franchise. This theme comes up with only one background both for HD and SD screens, sounds and with exclusive icons. All icons are hand-made, icons you won’t find anywhere else. I hope you like it, PLEASE RATE!!!!!
Download Here

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Wacky Macky

Thats the best MW2 Theme I’ve ever seen, EXCELLENT!


love it its da best game ever


All icons had been invented by me, transforming them from real pictures


wicked theme ! dont like that stupid drum roll evrytime u exit something tho or as i just found out while typin this , it also drum rolls wen u backspace!


i have 2 questions
1. how do you create/find the cool icons?
2. when you download these, does it make the website show up

and btw i like the theme


man my icon sucked but i like your email and passwords


great theme man! i love it!


put some proper icons on this and its 5/5 from me,but saying that theye definitly different and i like different


this da shit


thanks for your compliments guys


yo dis theme is hot dont change nothin lol best theme i seen in a min n its free lol nice


i like this theme. the wallpaper is awesome and the design is cool. but i dont get the icons at all. what do they actually have to do with the game? in the picture they look a lot more spphisticated and when i downloaded it i t looks like childish crayon drawings.


hey man i love this theme so that is why I had wanted you to make a new kid rock theme but with out sound when you press on something plz i have looked every where for one so plz man plz make one for me plz thanks