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Millia Vs. Gaius Animated

Theme by Harima

A scene between Millia and Gaius from a Japanese RPG game Tales of Xillia. Custom sounds were made by me, thanks to akaBATTOUSAI for making the custom icons .
My first animated theme that took me three days of experimenting and asking questions to people around here, oh almost forgot I also want to thank Radz and uLtRaMa6nEt1c for answering those crazy questions ^^
Download Here

17 thoughts on “Millia Vs. Gaius Animated

  1. Hello,

    Awsome theme but could you make the same one but without the sounds because they are anoying at the end :s

  2. Pleeeeeease make a Jude one! This is awesome and I LOVE Milla, but I really want one of Jude, but otherwise this is the best theme I have EVER seen! 😀

  3. @Kyuubi haha really? thanks for appreciating my work. this one is a japanese rpg it is called Tales of Xillia and guess what youll have a chance to play this since its gonna be coming out here in NA next year. Its a good game since its an action rpg. about naruto, well im planning to make some when im not busy(school). Praising is too much so you dont need to do it, a simple thanks will do dahaha and besides all i want is for ps3 gamers to have a free nice background. I love everything that is free dahahah^^

  4. NO.1 THEME!! Harima you good,keep’em coming my friend.Using this theme now,& the key sounds don’t bother me,I play alot of RPG.Oh never heard of this anime?Naruto Shippuden will be nice.Well I know alot of people want to use your talent,just another person asking for you to put your gift to use on a good Naruto nine tails cloak theme.I wonder why the Legendary Faxtron haven’t praise you yet?Gave your Theme a x10 rating,& as always we here at PS3 Themes THANK YOU!!!

  5. @Harima that will be just wonderful a Darkwing Duck animated & as for custom sounds whatever you pick will be fine,i’ll keep my eyes open for your Darkwing Duck animated in the near future thank you again ^_^

  6. @ SSJTMNT actually maybe a cartoon sound effect will fit to that theme, hmm anyway sound is not a problem. Ill search for a good clip when im not busy^^

  7. @Harima thank you for responding back,i hope you do decide to make a Darkwing Duck animated that would be super,could you add this custom sounds you have on Millia VS Gaius Animated if you do make it,the custom sounds you have on Millia VS Gaius Animated,i really love it the ps3 default sounds are boring & lifeless to me,thank you ^_^

  8. Yeah next time im going to lower the sounds -10 amplify effect will be good. I still have the no sound version so if you guys want it just tell me ^^

  9. @ SSJTMNT Thanks man, the sounds arent that awesome actually even me gets annoyed when i browse on my xmb. Ill think about making Darkwing duck, its kinda tough to look for some custom sounds for cartoons^^ Thanks again

  10. @ uLtRaMa6nEt1c haha thanks, i know the cursor sounds is annoying,actually im planning to remove it but it will look like its unfinished so i just added it. i might update a better version when the approval time is back to normal^^

  11. @Harima your Millia VS Gaius Animated is wonderful
    everything is just peachy ^_^
    i especially love the custom sounds you put on it
    5/5 with a cherry on top…who you perhaps consider making Darkwing Duck animated with custom sounds
    that would be awesome,thank you for sharing

  12. This is pretty good especially for your first animated theme. I like the sounds too except for the cursor sound. It gets annoying when you type a lot and cycle through the XMB quickly. Aside from that – job well done.

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