Theme by OPTIMUS
4454-mgstribute.jpgA tribute theme to the first glorious PlayStation Metal Gear game with 7 custom backgrounds, MGS style icons and original game sounds.
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Can you make the icon for the “Save game data minis” if you want only upload the icon i can pre-compile the theme again ! The theme its perfect but I want the complete set of icons in the theme 🙂


Finally I find it. ¿ Why I don’t saw this theme before ? Great, wonderful and glorious theme for one of the best games ! Thanks a lot mate.


This is the sickest theme I’ve encountered thus far. Mucho Kudos.


Hey, thanks a lot! But save your penis for something better… 😀


You sir ARE awesome. Yet to DL, but I know this is going to make my penis explode!




Thank you, F-Rott. Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time to make every single icon ’cause I’m a great Metal Gear Solid fan, but this problem with sounds makes me nervous… I’ve tested again using my XMB compiler to convert audio files directly in vag format, but in this case each sound becomes too weak to be heard correctly. I hope you’ll enjoy my theme all the same. I’ll do better next time!


Not a problem, OPTIMUS. It’s still a great Theme. A lot of work went into those customized Icons, and I can appreciate that.


I’m glad you like my theme, but it’s strange what you say ’cause I always force all sounds to -3/-6db in order to normalize the audio of all my themes: when I tested it, everything was ok… Is the first time someone tell me this.
I’m sorry,probably the audio settings on my tv or system are too different. I can try to do it again, but surely the result will be the same. So, if you want to do as you said (redo sounds/recompile theme) there is no problem for me. Sorry again!


This is a great theme, but the sounds are so damn LOUD. Could you run the sounds through an Amplify filter?

I’m almost tempted to take the theme, extract it and do the sounds myself, then recompile it for my own use, because I like it.