MGS Snakehound Dynamic

Theme by Devilush

Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots : Snakehound Custom Dynamic PS3 Theme.

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Yeah unfortunately there´s no tool available to freely create dynamic themes. It´s limited to some themes efects like POPT or Heavy Rain.

Most of the dynamic themes around here are a mess
Maybe this is simple but is pretty and fun, maybe it´s basic but it is well made and not with over the top
choice of colors etcetera.

Is the background 720p? Cause it doesn´t fulfill the screen in 1080p setting. :/


If you know anything about creating these dynamic themes,then you would know the limitations we have…


I’m sorry. I can’t support you this time. The theme is really basic. The icons were okay, the HD was good. You did so good the first time. Where did it go? 3 out of 5 stars. Sorry.


let me guess its another one of those shitty dynamic themes where a logo or whatever is just moving over the background the whole time right? No thx got enough of them