Metroid Prime #2

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Many HD/SD backgrounds of this amazing game as your ps3 theme!

Please enjoy!
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This theme rocks


i guess its up to nintendo in the end, but theres so mutch inspiration out there, the end of iron man 3, when tony stark’s girlfriend put on the suit and whooped the manderin.. i was like omg’ …samus!? lol. the ‘work’ that was put into the lord of the rings movies… how about a zelda movie? a zelda movie done with that kind of computer graphics pared with a great writer would absolutely destroy the box office. and i totally think super mario deserves a worthy film.. even if pixar did it, it would probably be pretty damn good.… Read more »


It is wild lol, but it could be done and if the actors were great no doubt the movie would be great but the only issue i see is trying to get the rights from nintendo. Plus a title like Samus would get a lot of people to see the blonde bombshell lol


maybe the title of the movie would be ‘samus’ and if there ever was a sequel it could be ‘metroid’
something like that.

my imagination is wild.. lol.


take a movie like ‘alien’ take the main character and put her in a iron man suit. change the plot to fit metroid, maybe a prequil.. like a build up to metroid, the story of samus ‘wanting’ to be or ‘becoming’ a bounty hunter.. at the end of the movie she becomes a heroin. kind of like steamboy, how the entire movie was leading up to the end where at the very end of his adventure he became a hero and you saw still shots of him fighting villains during the credits. i can picture it kind of like samus… Read more »


i think both could be doable, obviously animation would be the best choice out of the two because you can do anything you can think of with it. but if someone could pull off a worthy live action movie that could be something else.. it would hafto be very well written, very high budget, and have not just famous actors,, but very good actors. and any of these 3 conversions would hafto be written to be pretty dark. i think thats the only way they could work really. the storys would hafto be raw, anyway, i feel it should be… Read more »


Do you mean live action or animated?


super metroid is in my top 5 most favorite games ever, i wish the super mario movie was done better than it was, nintendo was really pissed off about how the film was done and they thought it would be a horrible investment to trust anyone to do a movie after mario flopped..

could you imagine a metroid movie! or a zelda movie even!?

i mean comon, could you even grasp how amazing a metroid or zelda or even mario bros movie could be done today!?


samus is a babe. i envy the guy who could get her out of that suit and under some sheets


I need more Metroid Themes!, good work!