Metal Gear Solid 4 #7

Theme by NooBinO

8 Characters, 4 Colors
2.40 Icons
Download Here

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lol not rushing you im just saying. there been 2-3 MGS4 theme that have kickass background but the icons are just plain old default or something else ya know. some of the icon in this theme are great like the kojima productions 1


I know, ill be doing an update on my theme as soon as the p3tcompiler allows the sound table.

Everyone says that to me, but I had to get it online cause I was working on it for about a month.. concept to final.


im going to have to say this is probably the best MGS theme that ties in all the games. i only have on little bad thing to say you need custom icon that are MGS related thats all. other than that best MGS theme hands down