Medal of Honor Frontline

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Medal of Honor Frontline
5 Backgrounds
2 sounds

I really enjoyed Frontline the first time it was released, and I’m having a blast running through it again with the release of the new Medal of Honor. Made a theme for it. Enjoy!
Download Here

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Uh, wait! Maybe I misunderstood… If you mean the “PSX picture” I used as signature in my profile, well… I created it with my own hands, then I uploaded the image on “turboimagehost” site and used for my signature.


OPTIMUS: Thanks man!

BLR_750: Go to GOOD LUCK. There’s a few problems people have had getting it to work. The key is to WAIT. It’s not automatic.

KID+: Yeah, it’s awesome. The Aim Down Sights really helps, but the way the game was originally designed, it’s not necessarily needed. I’m on Needle In A Haystack right now. That guy you’re supposed to keep alive sucks!



, how do you get the thumbnail pic on your profile?

You just need to go to “” site, insert your email address and follow the instructions… 😀


Nice! I’m playing it again as well. Frontline was one of the best games on the PS2.


dude, I remember this game!! Before MoH descended to Vanguard standards! Nice theme hey! , how do you get the thumbnail pic on your profile?


i really like your themes, you do good work, i like the slayer one you did, of course slayer OWNS! keep em comin bro… 5 stars!


As usual… nice one again, Dennis!