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Mass Effect 3 Dynamic Theme

Theme by Madgod

I created this Mass Effect 3 theme using the Prince of Persia dynamic theme as a template. I kept most of the original theme icons, as they seemed to actually work pretty well with the theme, but I did change the main XMB icons to have a more Mass Effect appeal to them. The theme, when in effect, looks like the preview picture, only has smoke blowing across the bottom of the screen. Enjoy.
PSN: Sesshoumaru

Download Here

16 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Dynamic Theme

  1. God, I hate when people begin to criticise Stuff they can’t even make. If you don’t like the theme GTFO and go and make a better one, which I doubt.

  2. @Madgod

    Your Garrus version is off the chains my man. i like that one alot better then the john shepard one. that john shepard wallpaper just don’t look clear at all it just needs a better picture.

  3. My KILLZONE 3 Cover Dynamic Theme doesn’t use smoke and I used the MidPlane and FrontRocks. Check that out if u want to see something different

  4. Thanks for pointing that out, 1MenArmy. As far as I know, there is no Dynamic Theme creator, only a editor. Most I can do is edit the few themes it gives us to toy with. Trust me, I wish I could do more than add smoke. I wanted to make the fire on the ships radiate and glow, for example. Its not that simple. I do plan on making a ‘normal theme’ in the future, but currently there’s not enough good looking ME3 screenshots just yet.
    Xander92, yes, I was from the start. Haha, it is incredibly lucky of me to score that psn. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Heas, while I wont debate your argument any, I will say this: I clearly mentioned in the theme description above that the them “only has smoke blowing across the bottom of the screen. ” Anyway, I made a Garrus version of this theme (yes, with smoke, before you get excited) that can be found on my blog at madgodthemes.blogspot.com I prefer it to the Shepard one, since I liked Garrus and the smoke effect seems to work more nicely with the background (you’ll notice why).

  5. @ CrazyXFox i think you are right always smoke i’ve seen like 2 that don’t use smoke they are th MGS PW and LBP those are the only ones that don’t use smoke and thanks to your commenet you save me some time from downloading this

  6. @crazyfox
    My god man learn to speak proper english! Your rant was neither understandable or needed everyone has the right to make what they want it’s douchers like you that make it bad for us i have been waiting and waiting for a Dynamic Supernatural tv show theme and i’d be freaking amazed at one that just had the smoke at least these people are trying either put up or do us all a favor and shut the hell up

  7. @CrazyXFoy

    dude…. what the shi* u talkink about ?!
    Nobody can make a own dynamic theme with his own “effects” all can only import effects from pop, heave rain, angel …,make.belive and wakeboiarding!
    If u are think thats all here trash than make a better one!
    All can say it’s trash but not all can make a good theme!

  8. can someone please make true dynamic theme not cheap smoke not movement its cheap what a waist time maybe sony wont allow us make you make true dynamic theme allways smoke smoke crapy dynamic theme allways smoke without moving picture what the hell man i wanna true dynamic theme not cheap stop waisting cheap crapy dynamic or just make regular my god

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