Mass Effect 3 Dynamic Garrus Theme

Theme by Madgod

This dynamic theme is a variation of the Shepard dynamic them I shared earlier. Same smoke effect but to a Garrus wallpaper, with blue icons. The majority of these icons were taken from one Andape’s themes.
Download Here
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nice theme thx man


@-.- MAchoMAn17 A crackling fireplace would be pretty cool! Unfortunately I’m not sure how one would go about making one like that. I use the PS3 Dynamic Theme Editor found here on PS3-Themes. It’s a bit more literal than you’d first think. The program doesn’t actually let you /create/ custom dynamic effects. All it does is let you edit one out of like, 5-6 dynamic themes it has pre-installed into itself. The most I could do was take a still image of fire and add smoke. Or some other theme effect. Point is, the fire wouldn’t be crackling. 🙁 @-.-Chris… Read more »


can u make themes for other characters from Mass Effect


nice, can you make a crackling fireplace theme ^^?