Mass Effect 2 – N7 Shepard

Theme by Madgod

Features 16 HD/SD wallpapers of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, each with him wearing his N7 helmet. Because Shepard’s appearance can be altered in the game, this theme is mostly there to better cater to those who did not stick with the default model. As his face is hidden behind the helmet in all the wallpapers, it will be easier for you picture it being YOUR Shepard. While a few pictures are in-game screenshots, the majority are fanart created by very talented artists found on DeviantArt.
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Hi there.

Well, if you using my artwork you can leave a link to my gallery, don’t you? 🙂


I’ve sent in the updated 16-wallpaper version to PS3-Themes, so this hopefully will be updated shortly to anyone looking to swag 3 extra wallpapers in their theme. For anyone impatient, you can nab the 16-wallpaper version on this page:


Thanks Kirbz, glad you like it. I plan to eventually make two other Shepard themes (no helmet, Default Male Shepard) with two color themes: red and blue. Sort of a “Renegade Shepard” and “Paragon Shepard” type deal. Don’t know quite how it’ll work out though. Perhaps three? Black, red and blue options? I’d have to talk that out with the good people (person?) of PS3-Themes to see if I can get a post with three individual link options. I’m happy the way the N7 theme here came out though, all except the 13 wallpaper instead of 16. Something I’ve already… Read more »


I love icons, they really match ME theme perfectly, nice job!