Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3 & U !!

Theme by ShoryukenGT

Marvel vs Capcom Universe!!
Some of the best characters of the entire marvel vs capcom universe!!
It supports HD and SD, and it has different Bsckgrounds.

Note: The icon images are all over the web, if you have a problem with that, feel free to tell us, and we’ll be happy to replace it .

** This is an update from a theme called Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3. We just added a few more icons, and replace some others. **
Download Here

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mrj qqq:

turn the wallpaper off if you don’t like it numnuts

tanx bro, and also you can put the brightness of the background in -3, it looks awesome too 😀

mrj qqq

turn the wallpaper off if you don’t like it numnuts

mrj qqq

seems the only one other than you and myself and the candid few understand what a theme is …Realistic gets it too …check out his stuff as well as mine ….just search QQQ they’re all there

mrj qqq

Absolutely fantastic. It is about time someone other than myself that posts here took into account that putting a picture in behind the regular icon set is NOT A THEME. Well done . Love the fact that there isn’t a single repeat icon either. WELL DONE !!!!


This better have Zero wallpaper in it.